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The one thing I want you all to know about my store is that everything in it is there because it’s something that I would want to make myself. You are getting a look at what I’m into, what I am passionate about, what I’m currently obsessed with, and so on.

Which is why I think, once I’m not focused on the start of this semester, I’m gonna put up patterns where it’s a random word and it’s definition done all pretty. I’ve taken to looking up one random word in my dictionary a day, just opening a random page and pointing at a word, and some of them would make awesome cross stitches.

Have you guys heard of dailycrossstitch?

I’ve known about it for roughly a month now and it’s just awesome. Basically it’s a store that sells these cute, fairly small patterns, but with a nice twist. There’s a new pattern each day, and that pattern is free for the first day it’s on there, and then after that you can buy it for just $1!

It’s pretty awesome, I’m using them to make things for when my sorority has a flea market fundraiser in the fall.

I don’t usually reblog anything I didn’t make, but this is handy and awesome!

I don’t usually reblog anything I didn’t make, but this is handy and awesome!

(Source: 8bitcrossstitch)

Price Drop

I decided to drop the price of those new patterns I added last night to just $1! I really like them so I want to see as many people enjoy them as I can.

All this talk of new patterns finally made me remember to add these to the store! For just $1.50, you can get any of these cool things! I have a super technical mind, and so instead of drawing normal doodle things, ever since middle school I’ve taken graph paper and drawn these weird patterns. No matter which way you look at it, the pattern is the same on all 4 sides. They’re very small, which makes them perfect for little gifts, small pillows, or (when I eventually upload enough) quilt squares! Including all the extra white space, they measure 4”x4” on 18 count aida, but in reality they’re just a cute thing that would fit into almost any frame. I will be constantly adding more in different colors, so keep your eyes peeled!

Start shopping here!

Anonymous said: Thank you for answering my ask about the software program! I will check that out, I AM a Mac user so I am super happy to find one that works for my computer! :D And the "digital mockup" is a feature available on Mac Stitch? Or did you add the 'frame' and whatnot yourself? Thanks again!

Yeah, it’s on the program, there’s all sorts of stuff you can do with it! The program is pretty pricey, but you can add text using fonts from your computer, you can put an image underneath it and add the stitch pixels (or whatever they’re called) over it, like tracing, and other things I haven’t even tried out yet!


This one got a little chopped up since it’s bigger, but here is the 14 count aida pattern. It will end up being 8”x10” on 14 count. I hope y’all love it!

And here’s the 14 count pattern!


Here’s the pattern I made for the super awesome livinginnightvale! This is the 18ct version, which will be 5”x7” on 18 count aida. I’ll post the one for her specifically here in a second!

I forgot to share this with you lovelies, here’s the 18 count version!

Anonymous said: Hi! I love the pattern you just posted :) I do have a question though, if you don't mind…what program do you use? I'm looking for a pattern program and I love in the second picture, how it's a digital mock up of the final design…that is something I'm looking for. Thanks! :D

I use MacStitch, Anon! It has a PC equivalent (not surprisingly called PCStitch) in case you aren’t an Apple user. If you are wanting a free pattern maker, I recommend KG Stitch because it’s what I used before I got my Mac and I was starting my Etsy store.

Here’s the image for the cross stitch pattern that was requested by SublimelyBeautiful! It’s just the first draft, so if something is changed on it I’ll keep y’all updated. What do you guys think, is it the type of thing you’d buy?